Summary of Learning

Over the course of the Spring semester, I have developed a new perspective and frame of mind when discussing and thinking about technology in society today. I have been exposed to a variety of topics and issues surrounding technology that have opened up new forums of conversation for me. I look forward to taking what I have learned and applying it to my daily life in my classroom and outside of my classroom.

Thanks to my prof Alec Couros for a great semester and to all of my classmates! Check out my summary of learning below. Special shout out to husband for being a movie star and to my beautiful high school students who volunteered their time to answer a few questions for me (yes, consent forms are signed) 🙂



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  1. Great summary of learning! I remember taking my first ed tech class as well and how overwhelming it felt in the beginning and how nervous I was. I feel that that really was a good sign in the end because it truly was pushing me outside of my comfort zone. I feel that these ed tech classes really bring awareness to many issues in education today and it really is amazing how the root of lots of issues in education revolve around technology, the lack of technology and the lack of education around technology. I feel like this really is a move in the right direction and by being involved in these debates we are more aware of what we can do as teachers to help this generation of kids navigate the digital world! Thanks for being such a great group member for our debate! I enjoyed working with you! Take care!!


  2. Great Video Jodie I really like the way you presented it throughout, covering every inch of what we learned this semester. Those cute photos of kids between the video made the video, even more interesting, It has Been a lot of fun studying alongside you and thanks for all those thoughtful blog posts I Enjoyed reading it very much and is amazing to see how much we have learned in such a short time! Thank you for sharing your journey and being a part of my learning! once again great work!

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  3. Great job Jodie! I love how you moved back and forth between other opinions and your own. And of course the hilarious snippets of your husband. I think you and I have very similar opinions of technology and I agree with most of what you stated. You and I have lots to learn but luckily the will to do so and a large portion of our careers left to do so!


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