Social Media: Ruining Childhood or Changing Childhood?

My very first vlog in response to this weeks debate in EC&I 830! Check it out!



2 thoughts on “Social Media: Ruining Childhood or Changing Childhood?

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  1. I enjoyed your vlog! Well done! I chuckled while watching because just as you were talking about barriers, I quickly checked my Facebook page to see if anyone replied to my post, opps. As adults we are definitely a part of the addictive world of social media. It is such a different type of childhood that this generations is a part of. As you mentioned though, it may be a different experience but it could very well be just as full filling as a childhood without tech. I am still on the fence about this debate. Educators and parents have such a big responsibility to guide our children and help them safely navigate these challenging online worlds.

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  2. Great Vlog girl! I had the same opinions as you going into this week! I feel that I also reflect back on my childhood and I am very thankful that there was no social media during that time. We were much older and mature when we first entered that world. I think the challenge is now that children are entering that world at very young ages and they are not mature enough to navigate that world. This is changing childhood like you stated. As parents and teachers, we have a great responsibility to help children navigate this new online world. One thing I think parents need to really consider is delaying the age where they allow their children to get online in the social media world. I think lots of damage can be done when children are on these sites to early. It really is a different world than when we grew up and we need to work with kids to keep them safe but be realistic in the fact that they are going to interact with their friends and others online! Great post!


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